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    Irish step enthusiasts bring Emerald Isle culture to Atlanta STORY: H.M. Cauley PHOTO: Stephen Payne In 1995, when Riverdance ignited a mania for Irish dance, Emma Burke and Erin Connolly were part of the craze. Both Burke, born in Dublin, and Connolly, born in Toronto to Irish parents, came to Atlanta as youngsters and became ...
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    More than just a place to paint, The BeltLine Studio is a creative haven for Atlantans STORY: Caroline Cox PHOTO: Stephen Payne If you’d asked Jay Attanasio 10 years ago what he’d be doing now, he likely wouldn’t have predicted he’d be running a paint studio. But that’s exactly what he does as owner, founder ...
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    Ben Getz leads his Atlanta food podcast with consistency and candid conversations STORY: Grace Huseth PHOTO: Stephen Payne NPR podcast junkie and foodie Ben Getz was seeking more podcasts to listen to. When he searched for “Atlanta” and “food,” nothing popped up. So he set his table, this time with recording software and not silverware, ...
  • Atlanta-based designer Megan Huntz

    Atlanta-based designer Megan Huntz talks ethical fashion, minimalism and the future of her growing brand STORY: Caroline Cox PHOTO: Stephen Payne Slowly but surely, the fashion industry at-large appears to be in the midst of a sea change. As reported by outlets from the New York Times to the BBC, more consumers have started to ...
  • Mason Poe and Kendra Rainey, co-founders of the Edgar Allan agency

    Kendra Rainey and Mason Poe believe in “looking back to move forward” STORY: Laurel-Ann Dooley PHOTO: Stephen Payne If you meet Kendra Rainey and Mason Poe at their Westside office, you might just find yourself befriending a few llamas and chickens on the way in. Rainey and Poe are the founders of Edgar Allan, a ...
  • General Assembly offers on-site and online workshops in a range of creative and technical fields.

    Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely venture, especially if you’re a one-person founding team. Without co-workers to use as sounding boards, you might miss out on new strategies or perspectives. Create a community of entrepreneurs by signing up for a business workshop, class or panel. STORY: Muriel Vega PHOTO: Stephen Payne ATDC The Advanced ...
  • Joe Alterman

    Va-Hi’s Joe Alterman returns to his roots for musical inspiration STORY: H.M. Cauley PHOTO: Stephen Payne Joe Alterman can drop jazz names with alacrity. Though he grew up in Sandy Springs, he headed to New York University to hone his musical talent as a jazz pianist, and along the way he made connections with celeb ...
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    This start-up theater troupe aims to put women’s stories at center stage STORY: H.M. Cauley PHOTO: Stephen Payne What Atlanta lacks in beachfront it makes up for in cultural arts. Across the city, comedy clubs, theaters, music venues, galleries and niche museums share the scene with a world-renowned symphony, art collection and, yes, puppet center. ...
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    Lee Arnett turns his small-town Alabama dreams into reality as he works his way into the Atlanta art scene spotlight STORY: Jodi Cash | PHOTO: Stephen Payne After growing up in Sylacauga, Alabama, Lee Arnett knew that his life as an artist would require moving to a city. In his small, Talladega County hometown, there ...