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    Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely venture, especially if you’re a one-person founding team. Without co-workers to use as sounding boards, you might miss out on new strategies or perspectives. Create a community of entrepreneurs by signing up for a business workshop, class or panel. STORY: Muriel Vega PHOTO: Stephen Payne ATDC The Advanced ...
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    STORY: Muriel Vega Learning new skills as you climb the career ladder or flesh out your side hustle can help you grow faster as an entrepreneur and make you more marketable. We’ve rounded up some of the best spots in town to broaden your business horizons, from social media and marketing to film and robotics. ...

    Partners, Brutal Studio STORY: Muriel Vega If you visited multi-use development Atlantic Station sometime this spring, you most likely spotted a large, floral throne welcoming the perfect Instagram opportunity. The installation, decorated with various colorful flowers and moss, and with enough space for two, was the brainchild of design and installation company Brutal Studio. The ...
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    A thoughtful renovation and a gaggle of furry, four-legged companions combine to create a comfortable guest house in Grant Park STORY: Muriel Vega PHOTOS: Erik Meadows At the end of the driveway of the Social Goat Bed and Breakfast on a tree-lined street in Grant Park, a three-story yellow Queen Anne Victorian home reveals itself. ...